Hey, I'm Jonty, I'm 15 years old ,From Christchurch New Zealand, Follow me chur

Anonymous asked: Do you have a thing with emma phillip?

No? What makes you think that?

Anonymous asked: Do you know who's number is 02253596** ?

Nope sorry

Anonymous asked: It's actually an interesting and diverse question Jonty.... A 3? So you laugh when your feet are tickled but you don't go crazy?

Yeah I suppose hahhahahahha

Anonymous asked: On a scale of 1-10, how ticklish are your feet?

What the heck kind of a question is that? hahahaha I suppose like a 3 hahaha

Anonymous asked: Now that Ezra's come out are you going to come out and be gay together!

We like pussy 

Anonymous asked: You can be a complete asshole but that's why I like you ...

No one likes me hahaha

crownist-deactivated20140418 asked: oi anon, fucking leave jonty alone, he is such a fucking good friend and i love him so much and i dont want to see him upset. he actually treats people so well, and coming from a girl, he is so caring, and so supportive. i dont know what i would do without him. so leave his dad out of it because you are hurting him. so fuck off cunt. i love you jonts x

Love you Drew x

Anonymous asked: Your dad would be disappointed at how you treat girls.

Don’t you fucking drag my Dad into this. I bet you didn’t even fucking know him and if you did you wouldn’t have fucking said that. Say what you want about me but keep my Dad out of this. Fuck you.